Sunday, June 27, 2010


SUMMMMMMMER just started and it has been great so far. I got all A's this semester in my 8 classes and all a's last semester in my 7 classes. I have no regrets from the school year and that makes me happy. I am loving summer. Yesterday we had a young mens/young womens super activity where we wakeboarded at lake elsanor. The night before we slept over at turners house and the girls slept over at the terry's. Me and the people in my room (Brandon Shamsabadi, Landon Ashdown, Wyatt Turner, and David Gantz) played the board game called risk that i learned how to play this week and have played 10 times since. It's like a 5 hour board game, but it's sooooo fun. Turner stopped our game half way through though at about 1:00 and it bugged. An hour later I woke up and wanted to TP the girls but there was no way to get there so we tped the turners house. it was super funny because everyone blamed it on the girls. We got back in the house and started playing risk again. Landen was first out, and he was on Brandon's team, but Wyatt wasn't doing great and was teamed up with me. David was asleep. Wyatt just quit and went to sleep, so then Landen teamed up with Brandon to beat me, and Brandon won, so I consider it a Tanner Montierth victory. We didn't sleep a wink, and got up at 5:00 to make breakfast. We headed out on the lake. Me, Dexi, Brandon, and Nick were in Bishop Shreeves car. It was a fun ride up. We listened to some of Bishops sucky music and had fun in the car talking. When we got on the lake, it was cold, so me dex and brandon stayed behind while everyone went on the boats. We got on a boat later that day. It was me, Bishop Shreeve, Nick, Brandon, Dexi, and Rachel Manwaring. Bishop and Nick did pretty good. Nick just got up and maneuvered around a bit. Bishop was the best. The boots in the board were SUPER SMALL and i had to spend 10 minutes trying to get them on. I got up like 6 times but couldn't really jump well. Brandon couldn't get up at all. Rachel took a while but got up. Dexi didn't try because she didn't want to or something. We got back and had food and played in the water. Later we went back on the boat with Kelsi Johnson Dexi Brandon Landon and Bishop. It was fun. Kelsi and Bishop were the only people that went. It was fun. Kelsi was really good. She cleared the wake a lot of times. Bishop cleared it too the second time. Claire Lewis convinced me, Dexi, and Brian to put lemons in our hair with her to see if it actually turned your hair blonder. It sorta worked for me but not really. Everyone else it did almost nothing. It was really a fun experience though. I planned on cutting my hair the next day anyways so it wasn't a big deal if it worked super well. After we swam and had tons of more fun we went home. I got home and hung out with Angela reid and sadaf seyf because Angela moved away and is home for the weekend. We played monopoly. I won, it was a short game. There were some changes on Sunday. Long story short, Todd Keller is the new bishop of the Wood Canyon ward... Loving life. Can't wait for the rest of it :)

Friends: Dexibo
Family: Mommy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My 15th Birthday :)

Wow. What a day, what a day. I am so grateful I have so many great friends who care about me and do all that they can to make me feel special. So today I woke up and went to seminary and nobody really remembered in 0 period seminary until the end. Then I went to normal and got some delicious cookies and a beautiful card from Mckenna Myer, and some other delicious cookies from Haley Christensen and Chandler Hoffman. Seminary was a good lesson about christs love for children and having the spirit as our constant companion. After seminary, I got a ride to school en el carro del DelRosario with Brian, Dexi, Claire, and Kory. I then got to school and saw Chelsea Sutter who gave me a hug and told me happy birthday. Then me and Dexi went to go get food and Jasmine Myer, Lily Myer, Tristen Ford, and the still unknown character named merve, gave me a huge card, a watermelon, and a stuffed bear with candy. Then Andrea Hardwick gave me a huge card with some yummy chocolate. Then Marisol gave me a can of tomato sauce. I was rather confused until I noticed the tape on the label. Still somewhat confused, I peeled the label back and found 20$ under the label. Honestly the best way to wrap money that I have ever seen. Me and Dex sat down and she decided she wanted more food, so I went to get her more so that the lunch lady wouldn't judge her... Her ketchup ended up being salsa to her surprise, but she liked it. After that, I went to my class and took my STAR test. Boring. Science was pretty easy other than the stuff I was suppposed to learn this semester that I didn't due to lack of learning... Then it was lunch. I ate with Dexi, Brandon, and his friends. It was fun. After lunch during passing period we enjoyed giving pretzeels to random people to see if they would eat them. iBy the time we got to the reading portion of the test, I was really over it, so I just made some zig zag lines for the first half and did the language half. After that, we played Mow in class with Mr. Harney who totally got into it. The rules were: Every time you played the same card you had to say thank you very much, and add a very for triples and quadrouples. Every time a multiple of 2 was played you had to cough, every time a club was played you had to say snoopy, every time a royal was played you had to say Hail, and every time a 5 was played you got another turn. Those were the rules in addition to the no talking, 10's skips, 4's reverses, and say spade when you play a spade, and say mow when you have 1 and 0 cards. Fun game. I won once, which was pretty cool. After school, Me, Dexi, Claire, Brandon, Taylor, Marissa, Karina, and im sure some other people walked to the church. Sister Johnson gave me and Dexi a ride to her house so we could drop off our stuff and go get Dexi her job application. Unfortunately, we got caught up and didn't ever leave. We ate the watermelon which was delicious, and we listened to music and tried to get music on Dexi's ipod which she wiped the memory on. We got a call from Mom and she said we were going to dinner, so we left and went to claim jumpers. SUPER GOOD, of course. Jeremy and I got Chicken Tenders, Monica got ribs, Dad got fish and chips, Dexi got a BBQ chicken salad, and mom got some other type of salad. We got a brownie finale and a mint mud pie for dessert. Amongst the food, I got a gift from Mom and Dad which was 3 Piano books that I really love and a cool thing that I can use for piano lessons. I also got a gift from Angela which was a piano book with a beautiful song that i want to learn soon. We left, and didn't see a movie like I had wanted. When I got home, I found two cards sitting on my doorstep. It said IOU one trip to disneyland love Lace and Ash. So I am super excited for that. Along with the trip to disneyland, it also said that there was a surprise waiting for me at my neighbors house. i am still unsure as to how they got my neighbor to take it, but it happened. I went over there, and there was a super good cold stone cake sitting there. After that, we took Dexi home. Morgan Williams came over and we had fun talking. Mid conversation we heard the doorbell ring, so we went outside to find a beautiful basket with balloons and presents as Sister Lewis ran away from the doorstep screaming "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" Definately the most thoughtful and hilarious gift i could have asked for. Claire and her family honestly made my birthday my best birthday ever. Afterwards, me and morgan kept talking, and she left cause she had an AP Spanish V test the next day. I then came upstairs and went on facebook to find that there were almost 100 birthday wishes waiting for me on my wall. It was honestly one of the best days ever. Here are some pictures of the nice things I recieved from my great friends :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Shop of Horrors and Lately :)

Well as of last week I am offically done with my school musical, Little Shop of Horrors. It was honestly one of the best theater experiences I have ever had because the whole cast was just so talented and I honestly felt like a weak link among them. It was really fun. Rehearsals were intense, though because we had them for 4 hours every day for 3 months and for the last month 6 hours (3-9). Overall i am glad I did it. I played an old Jewish fat man so I had a fat suit and grey hair and it was fun to try to better my acting by playing a role I am not used to. I made so many good friends and loved the experience so much. I look forward to more Aliso Shows in the future.

The show was really great. The cast party was pretty fun too. I have been having a lot of free time on my hands so I have been passing the time by hanging out a lot with Lacey, Dexi, Claire, and other good friends of mine. Haha lately I have been very clutzy so I am going to make a list of the stupid things I have done with my friends that bring me joy.

1) Was chasing a bubble and maulled a little boy because it was going higher and I jumped on him

2) Froze an egg.

3) Left that egg out on the counter

4) Threw the egg over the wall in my backyard to dispose of it so it wouldn't smell up the house. And accidently hit a passing car with it.

5) Accidently punched Dexi in the face

6) Dexi said it was a fun game to make eye contact with random people. So I did at a girl who then threw her drink at the window of the burger king we were sitting in. The girl then sicked her boyfriend on me.

7) Tried to shoot water through my tooth at Dexi but hit a random girl at the dance who then later rejected my offer to slow dance with her. I wonder why O.o

8) That's all I can think of :) but times sure are fun.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don't want summer to end!!

So yesterday was tons of fun. I woke up, and started eating chocolate, and dank banana bread that Meagan made. Then I went over to Rachel's house to see what she was doing. She said she was going to the beach, so I went home and she called like 5 minutes later. We went to Three Arch with Britton, Rachel, Kendall, Travis, Jake, and Chandler and her family - her mom. We played in the water and then came back up, and talked for a while. We called Dexi, and Cody brought her over. We played in the water, and Dexi found a rather annoying shell that was totally Harry Potter status that she splashed me with. I then splashed her 10x worse, so we were even haha. This pretty much repeated till the day was over. She worked on her scarf that she will still not tell me who it's for, and then we walked back up. I told her I would carry her, it was rather nice :) After, we went back to my house, and I catered to Dexi. I made cheeseburgers, and Adam came over in a hurry(: Then we got a call from Melanie, and she said they were gonna watch P&P at her house, so we made cookies, but they ended up having it at adams, so it was even better. We brought cookies over, and watched the first half, and then me and Dexi left. We took Dex home, and then the day was pretty much over. The next day (today) I went to church, and watched Psych all day. Lace came over, and Jordan and Lace played Supes, but I couldn't cause I was writing the previous entry. Anyways, lots of fun. Time for Heroes

Family: Lacey

Friends: Rachel

Lake Havasu

The Before Background on the trip

Just recently most all of my family came down to California for Jordan's Mission Farewell. The farewell was really great. Jordan gave a really good talk, along with a high consul member, brother Marsh. The young men, young women, and I sung, I'll go where you want me to go, and the meeting was over. It was lots of fun. The next day, all the girls went shopping, and the boys except for me because I had to watch marrett and matthew went and played tennis. Around 12:00 I had a friend named Dexi that just recently moved to California come over. Me, her, Sadaf, and Adam went and played volleyball down at the Kite Hill Recreation Center. After that, Adam left for Marching Band, and me, Sadaf, and Dexi went back to my house and invited a friend over, then we played Mario Party. Afterwards, me, Dexi, and Rachel jumped in our pool. We then jumped over our wall and walked Rachel home, Came back, and stopped by our neighbors tree house. I gave Dexi a boost up, and she fell through it. We then went back to my house, and Dexi called her friend for her birthday.

And me and Matthew had some fun playing with each other while she was on the phone. After that, Cesar took me and Dexi to In'n'Out and we got some food. And had quite the adventure with Ketchup... Afterwards, we got a call from Sadaf asking if we wanted to go to the Kite Hill Pool. Me, her, and Dexi went down to the pool, and came back up. We ate some pizza, and Matthew gave Angela's friend Chantelle quite a scare when he dropped her phone in the toilet and broke it. After that little incident, we went to WalMart and got a Red Box movie and then over to Yogurtland and then took Dexi home. Watched the movie, and went to bed.

Day 1 Driving and Settling in

On the first day, we woke up, and had a filling breakfast. Afterwards, we got on the road. Me, Monica, Matthew, and Dad in one car, Mom, Mark, Jordan, Marrett, and Lacey in the other. Mom's car was ahead most of the way. We had to stop a couple times for matthew to have a potty break, and we stopped at In'n'Out for some food. When we found that we were far behind, be started going above the speed limit. I bet you can guess what happened next...

Yup, we got a ticket. They caught us at 91, but they took 10 off and we got 81. We all took it pretty well... and after driving for a couple more hours, we made it to the house we were staying at. We checked out the house, and found it very nice. We then went to Dinner at Black Bear Diner and all got some really great food. We came back,and went in the pool at the house. After, we went inside and watched a new movie that Dad gave Matthew, the Tale of Desperaux. I went into the other room, and threw up, and then fell asleep. Matthew was the only one that stayed awake while we watched the movie. I woke up about 3 in the morning and retired to my real bed in stead of the couch.

Day 2 Jet Ski Day

On Day 2, me, and Matthew made a Fort, and we played tons of Ping-Pong. We set off at around 12:00 after having a nice breakfast for the Lake. We rented some Jet Ski's, and went to a local beach. We played in the water, and went out on the jet ski's. First, Jordan and Mark went, and then Jordan and I, and Monica and Matthew. Me and Lacey then went out, and then it was lunch time. Mom ran and picked up Arby's. We finished and then me and Dad went out on the lake on the Jet Ski's. We came in, played in the water some more, and turned in for the day.
I took some nice pictures on the way back from the lake. We played Marco Polo in the Pool for about 4 hours when we got back, and we came back inside and turned in for the night. By early that day, my iPod was lost.

Day 3 Disastrous, yet the best, Boat Day

The third day, I have to say, was the best day. I woke up with a TERRIBLE hair day, and it made me laugh :)
The only problem with the day was that Jordan was grumpy for the first few hours. We had a really great breakfast, and then went to go rent a boat. The boat people were crazy. They took pictures of the boat before we used it to make sure we didn't put a single scratch on it.

Me and Lace were on the tube, and Ang, Ces, Monica, and Mark were on the Jet Ski's. We headed over to Copper Canyon and jumped off rocks for a while. Me, Ces, Mark, Jordan, Lacey, Monica, and even finally Angela jumped off the rocks. I took Matthew out for a "super slow" Jet ski ride for "5 minutes." In other words a fun Jet Ski ride for "how ever Matthew wanted" which was actually until I got bored(: After that we started wake boarding. I was riding on the Jet ski's around the boat, and Mom and Dad were on the other one. All of the sudden mom and dad pulled up to the boat, talked for a while and were on their way somewhere far away. I asked what was going on and Monica just pointed at them and Mouthed "follow them." I followed them, (I think my fastest speed following and going faster than them was 56 miles per hour.)I had a few minor problems with my ski that I didn't really tell anyone about, and I got a really sick like 5 foot jump that nobody saw, sadly. After about 30 minutes of Jet Ski riding, we reached a dock. I still didn't really know what we were doing, but after a while, my dad left, and my mom met up with me outside of the no wake zone and told me that Dad was going to get food, and then bringing it over to where we were most of the day yesterday. We were supposed to find the others and tell them that we were going to meet up there. On the way, I began to have some really weird troubles. My jet ski would start going really fast, and then stop working. After a while, it wouldn't even go 5 miles an hour, and then it finally died on me. I beached my ski on a beach that we were right next to that was abandoned except for 2 drunk people and their 2 kids. Mom went on to try to reach the nearest marina so that she could get gas and bring some back to me. As I came up on shore I pushed my ski up onto shore without any help or acknowledgment from the random family. After sitting there for about 10 minutes, the drunk guy asked if his son could stand on it. Random question, but I told him to go for it. Then the drunk people left, and I remembered that I hadn't reapplied sunblock in a long time, so I curled up into a ball and tried to stay away from the sun in the water. I was alone on a beach for 2 hours, and randomly heard what I thought was my brother's voice. Little did I know, it was a local boat Sheriff, who came to rescue me. He tied up my ski to his boat and toed me. He asked me some questions, I thought I was going to get a ticket for underage operation of a jet ski, but nothing happened. He told me that they found my mom just about a mile away also on a beach. She had also ran out of gas. They found her about 30 minutes after I had beached. They asked me how long I thought I had been sitting there and I said about an hour. They said I had been there for at least 2 hours. At that point, I began to get a bit annoyed. They then told me the rest of the story about how after finding my mom, they located my dad, and had him go for gas. After finding him about an hour after locating my mom, they went searching for me. After they dropped me off on a beach, my dad and mom were waiting for me and it seemed all would fall into place. WRONG. My dad put about 1/4 - 1/3 gallon of gas into the oil tank of our jet ski's, so it was messed up and we couldn't drive. In desperation, I found that there was pizza in the trunk of the car. I ran across the hot gravel (it was 120 degrees farenheight outside) to get the pizza, and found that it was mushroom. I mean, could the day get any worse? hahaha After that, We found someone to give us our phone and after about 10 minutes of calling, finally got ahold of someone, and had them come to the dock. At that point, we had about an hour left with the boat, so me and ang went for a "Wild Ride" on the tube.
Then Matthew, Ang, and I went for a "Matthew Ride" and Jordan went wakeboarding. After, Me and Ang went for a 5 minute "Death Ride." We came in, and returned the boat, and went home. On the way home, me and Matthew swapped hats. After, we went in the pool, and had some nice desserts, like Ding-dongs, and Ice Cream Cake. We then watched the Tale of Desperaux again cause nobody really watched it the first time, and then we went to sleep.

Day 4 The Day we go home

On day 4, we went in the pool all of the morning, and took some nice pictures.

After, we had a good breakfast at Black Bear Diner. Me and Jordan shared the strawberry pancakes, Lacey got the French Dip, Matt and Marrett shared a pancake, Monica got a steak and Mark got all you can eat fish. Mom got fish, and Dad got pancakes, Ang got a turkey club, and Ces got a Ruben Club. Breakfast was really good. We then went and rented movies for the car ride home. Lacey picked Hannah Montanna, and Princess protection program...
Enough said. But it was fun. We had a good ride home, and all got home safe.

EndingTime After Time

Well I am super glad we took the trip. Time after time, family trips are crazy, time after time, family trips are fun, but most importantly, Time after time, family trip makes memories, and this is one I won't forget. I hope we can have another time where the family is all together again. I love all you guys <3

Time for the Heroes :)

Family: Monica and Jordan

Friend: Dexi and Adam

Sorry, had to choose two, the past little while has just been filled with my heroes(:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Reuinion/Moms Birthday

We just got back from a fun weekend. We had a family reunion with the Jensen family for my mom's birthday. We had lots of fun. There was tons of food, cake, toys, 4 wheeling, and motorcycle riding. For most of the time, I was show-furring the little tykes around the backyard on the 4 wheeler. I actually kind of enjoyed it. Later that day me, Angela, and Cesar went motorcycle riding. Angela tried to learn how to jump on a motorcycle, and I was just getting the hang of it. It was tons of fun, though. We went super fast. The next day, we woke up and went to Aunt Vicki's home ward. Dingle... Joy :) Lots of fun interesting people there. We spent most of the later day talking, and cooking. We had a delicious dinner prepared by Aunt Vicki and Mom. We had creamed corn, salad, bread, green beans, cinnamon bread, and I think Ribs, not really sure, some kind of meat, anyways, it was delicious. From there, we began to leave. Had some nice conversations, and lots of fun. We all loved it.

Friend: Cassidy
Family: Matthew John Knight :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sea World

A couple days ago, Uncle Sid, me, and mom went to seaworld.
I am kinda bored so I am not gonna write much... but It was super fun(:
I had lots of fun with my family, and ummmm yeah, it was super fun.
SO yeah, here's some pictures

Friends: Rachel
Family: Mommy :)